Protect Your Brain

Protect your Brain and build relationships of mutual Respect


Expect yourself to live the story you want others to share about you.


Create a broadly respected Career Pathway and as a mentor supported Role Model, then mentor those younger than yourself to follow in your foot steps.


What are the stories told of drug addicts and alcoholics?

     Stories about incompetent morons.


Do NOT associate with anyone in those stories; stay away from them.  Do not let their feeble brain damaged minds kill your future.  Once the brain is damaged, it seems like everyone is against you because no one agrees with you.  You cannot think logically and predict consequences if your brain is damaged.  You are always treated with disrespect, because respect comes from the consistent sharing of new useful information/skills.  Addicts and alcoholics are more often wrong then they are right; more destructive than useful.  They are only able to accurately predict consequences a couple of weeks in advance; and are distracted from accomplishing anything useful by their addictions; even harming their family.  While, engineers and scientists accurately predict consequences years in advance; and support many families with their efforts. Addicts and alcoholics are most often the thieves that destroy other people's hard earned accomplishments, that results in more police and less employment in a community; a burden to the local community.  They trapped themselves; do NOT let them trap you. Stories about them involve Disdain instead of Respect.


Respect is NEVER given.  Only the "opportunity" to EARN Respect is ever offered when a person has an under-utilized resource they are willing to share.  These under-utilized resources are sometimes a meaningful conversation with a person worthy of being a mentor, an ethical business opportunity that helps everyone involved, or a referral to worthy mentor's trusted associate.  Wasting or abusing the resource results in disdain toward the abuser; and fewer significant opportunities being offered to them in the future.  For addicts and alcoholics, because of their brain damage, they consistently waste and abuse opportunities offered to them and they are destructive to themselves, their family, and their community.  Everyone worthy of Respect tells stories of these brain damaged addicts and alcoholics to warn others so they do not waste their resources on these people who have consistently demonstrated that they are unworthy of Respect.


Testing positive on a drug test most often prevents a person from becoming employed in significant positions.  Condemning a career to high risk or insignificant employment opportunities. has a zero tolerance policy for drug and alcohol.  Even alcohol on the breath is sufficient cause to be kicked out of the Dorm (student housing, which is free at for native Americans).


If you have never tried either drugs or alcohol, DON'T !!!  It is easy to say NO if you have never tried it in the first place. Do NOT let insignificant people play the role of an actor to trick you into harming yourself.  Do NOT let them damage your brain too.  Do not associate with people that seem to be fun, but are addicts and/or alcoholics.  They try to build respect for themselves, but instead consistently harm everyone they know.  Your skin is like a sponge, it absorbs the poisons in which you come in contact.  Breathing in the dust, smoke, and other chemicals that these people carry upon them are harmful.  Some can cause women to have birth defects who have never used drugs or alcohol.  Addicts and alcoholics try to convince others that they are worthy of good stories, so they try to be fun, but are very often destructive and even criminal.


Saying NO is more difficult after your brain is damaged, because you become less capable of logic and predicting consequences.  If in doubt, pay attention and look around you. 


Who are at times destructive or criminal (some so brain damaged that they even brag about how they harmed others), and separate them from others who have the clear minds to have the potential to correlate complex systems and accurately predict future long term outcomes.



What are the stories told of engineers, scientists, physicians ... professionals?

      Appreciation and sometimes Awe for their on-going activities and contributions.


Associate with most everyone in those stories.  If practical, apply for internships to learn to SHARE mutual RESPECT with them. If lucky you may find a mentor (sometimes your teacher) to help you find the structure supporting a career pathway. Structures supporting a pathway are most often hidden, and only revealed by experience and the sharing of stories.  A career pathway is supported by a structure that supports a narrow path toward significant accomplishments you cannot presently see.  A support system that if you know about it, allows you "choose" which pathways in the support system can be chosen with great probability of success.  For you this translates into career planning.


While productively building something useful with the provided resource results in Respect; and increasing numbers of significant opportunities being offered.




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